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Heat Exchanger
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Heat exchangers are essential elements in the air conditioning of buildings and vehicles. At Amber we manufacture HVAC coils for air conditioners. The HVAC coils are either Liquid to Air or Air to Liquid. The heating coils usually feature hot water and steam while the cooling coils have chilled water and refrigerant as common constituent elements. We also make DX coils that feature direct expansion of refrigerants.

Fin & Tube Type Heat Exchanger Coils: Made of Copper tube and Aluminum Fins
We have 2 Heat Exchanger Lines at Dehradun that manufacture 500,000 coils of 7 mm per year. The Fin Lines & Special Dies can produce 60 coil configurations in various sizes as per specification. These coils can withstand 500 psig to 2500 psig design pressure and are customized according to customer requirements. The Ultimate Bursting Pressures are fully capable of meeting UL Standards. Both lines have fully automatic Fin Presses, Expanders, Hair Pin Bending Machines, Conveyorised Flushing & Oven Baking, Auto Brazing, Flushing, Evacuation, Choke Test and Leak Test facilities.

Refrigeration Quality Connecting Tubings:
The Amber facility at Dehradun produces specially designed Tube Bending Fixtures, Swage Up / Swage Down Toolings, Capillary Forming Tools, Spinning Machines, Deburring Tools and Brazing Fixtures. We also have facilities in the plant that are integral to the manufacturing process: A facility to bleed N2 while brazing, Flushing facility, Choke Test facility etc. Amber is well equipped with Bundy Tube Bending & Forming high speed SPM which caters to Refrigerator Condenser Coil Requirements.

Technical Specifications.
Copper Heat Exchanger: Made of Copper Tube and Aluminum Fins.

We can make coils up to
  1. Width: 4 Rows
  2. Height: 924 mm
  3. Length:250 mm(Minimum)-1250 mm(Maximum)
  4. Fins:0.1 mm(Thickness)
  5. Colors of Fins: 
         a) Bare (Without Coating)
         b) Yellow (With Coating)
         c) Blue
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