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Lighting plays multiple roles. Besides its basic function of illumination, it can set the mood for your décor. Sophisticated or subtle, glamorous or functional, good lighting systems can define and enhance the branding of your company and image. Our luminaries inspire, motivate and make an obvious statement. We create lighting systems that are attractive, socially responsible and futuristic in design.

Amber has a sizeable presence in the world of commercial lighting. Today we have one of the largest ranges in the commercial lighting space. Superior product quality, efficient design and forward facing technology are the hallmark of our lighting systems. Amber luminaries are used in a variety of places including offices, call centres, hospitals and clinics, software companies, reception lobbies, schools and colleges, hotels, restaurants, malls and shops.

Our commercial lighting products come in a host of shapes and sizes. Smart and contemporary in design they are sturdy enough to weather the most prolonged and continuous use in high traffic areas. They also come with different types of mounting ranging from wall mounted, roof mounted, suspended, recessed and surface mounted luminaries - all differing widely in size and application.

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