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Multiflow Condenser
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Our Multi-Flow Condensers allow us to provide extremely efficient cooling within a small but strong package. They are made according to strict design and engineering specifications and undergo stringent quality processes and monitoring at every stage of manufacture.

Amber prides itself on economy of manufacture - lowering raw material costs, producing micro channel heat exchangers with higher precision than competitors, optimizing production time and lowering labor costs leading to an overall reduction of its manufacturing costs. As one of the lowest cost producers of multi-flow exchangers we pass along this cost advantage to our clients. Amber's Multi-flow Condensers are used both in air conditioners and car radiators.

What makes our Multi-Flow condensers special?
1. Strong Micro Channel Coil construction
The surface of the coil is extremely rigid and resistant to damage apart from its structural strength.
2. Light weight advantage
Made of aluminum, the micro channel coil is relatively light and enjoys a distinct weight advantage.
3. Serviceability leading to longer shelf life
The structural rigidity of the coil surface allows pressure washing of the coil making it easier to clean and prolonging the life of the coil.
4. Protection from corrosion
The micro channel heat exchanger uses a combination of several aluminum alloys in conjunction with a metallic coating. The use of the MCHX in areas where the standard copper tube / aluminum fin RTPF coil design is typically employed provides much superior corrosion resistance.

Technical Information
Multi Flow Condensers are also known as Aluminum Heat Exchangers.
Design Features
  • Multiflow Condenser design (MFC)
  • Multi-pass configuration
  • Single row tube construction
  • High efficiency serpentine louvered air fins
  • Thin wall micro extrusions in various cavity shapes and designs to meet customer's heat load requirements
  • Size Core stack height up to 750mm
  • Maximum length up to 950 mm
Material & Process Features
  • Nocolok brazed aluminum construction
  • One-shot core brazing including tanks
Further performance enhancement of the MFC can be achieved through its integration with the receiver / drier to create a high efficiency sub-cooled condenser design.
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