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Values and Culture
One of the reasons behind our astounding success is the people at the helm. We have a hands-on and visionary management who have steered the company through many ups and downs. Mr Kartar Singh, a first generation entrepreneur founded the company in 1992 and still runs the business today, aided by his two able sons. They have a rich business experience of over 40 years between them. Besides the family, the key management team also has a large hand in keeping the show running smoothly and many have been with Amber for more than 2 decades.

At Amber we believe people are our real assets and we invest a lot of effort, time and money into developing the potential of each of our employees. Innovative ideas and suggestions are encouraged and actively incorporated into our processes. In fact from the workers on the shop floor to the ranks of senior management, everybody participates in Amber's knowledge sharing culture. Regular training and updating of technical know-how is a way of life with us. Rewards and recognitions are generously given; it's all part of the encompassing Amber work culture that acknowledges the value and importance of our people.
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